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Carlos Gonzales 

Bill was an amazing rep and thoughtfully helped with my issue, can be difficult to find a reputable honest car shop that are mindful of people’s actual car situations, and ultimately that is what matters in the long run, having a great reputation. More than happy to support this business and will definitely come back soon and bring a family member’s car to get fixed. And being able to renew car registration stickers here is a plus!

Eric Liu

Have always trusted Jeff and his staff with my vehicles the most trust worth and truthful mechanic I've ever been to doesn't try to upcharge or sell you a service you don't need

Proper BodyWerks

Car Doctor Jr. has a strong staff that's understanding, helpful, and very good at communicating! Best of the best!

Tom Deters

Car Doctor is the best, not only is he the best at emissions fixing, he's a good solid guy....he always has a great attitude and never takes advantage of people. I brought my 2013 Versa there, under the assumption that it was one thing, that was going to cost me 400 (to get my check engine light to go off and pass emissions). I brought it to the good doctor and he realized it was something else... he fixed it and was able to take it to the emissions center and get my car to pass emissions for under 200. I didn't even have to wait in line, he took it there for me. Thanks so much "Car Doctor" really are a "Nice Doctor"!

Kenway NG

Honest group of guys. Won't upsell you and will give you options. They will let you know if it's something that you need to immediately fix.

Justin Taylor

Fantastic business. Always fair, honest, and tell it like it is. If your car needs an inexpensive fix they do the work and it is fine, they don’t try to upswell you. If the fix is more complicated they will explain everything very well.

Chris Tan

I had failed the emissions test. I was able to fix the issue, but had Jeff rescan the car. He said I was good to go and sent me on my way. In and out in a few minutes. Thank you Jeff of Car Doctor. Youre the best! We will be seeing you soon.

Len Jaster

One of the rarest things in the automotive Market is an honest mechanic and you will find one here at the Car Doctor. The owner Jeff and office manager bill will work with you to resolve whatever problem your vehicle may have in the most economical way. I've been going to them for several years and have always found them to be helpful responsive and fix the vehicle right the first time I highly recommend Car Doctor for all of your Automotive needs

Wes Diener

Jeff is hands down the most honest and fair mechanic in the area. He will steer you right even if it means losing a sale. He is in the trenches with his guys every day, all day, and not just looking to make bundle of money and skip out.

Katie Tapia 

Our family has been going here for years! Highly recommended, wonderful staff that'll always get you a fair deal for the quality work they do:) Great no hassle place to get your plate stickers too. We may have moved but I don't care where we're at, I'll have my car towed here every time. This staff goes above and beyond every time, I can't say thank you enough when 90% of my visits were stressful from my car breaking down (it was 19 yrs old) and they kept it going over 220k miles!

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